Secrets, Secrets...

...are no fun unless you tell EVERYONE!



Before I started working for TONI&GUY I was aware that there was a beauty school near me, I just didn't realize their salon services were SO affordable and wallet friendly. I’d never been before so I decided to go get my haircut at their professional academy two weeks before I joined the corporate team.

"Wow, this place is HUGE!" I thought to myself as I parked. I entered through the glass door and stepped into an oasis of energy.There's a family history wall on my right and a super clean, esthetically pleasing, modern salon in front of me. After checking in with the receptionists (who BTW all wear black #AHWB), I wait in line; and by line, I mean I sit in a white accent chair which led to me taking some great selfies.

I went through the usual consultation with my stylist in training, and the only difference with the hairdressing academy was that the student instructor had to approve and sign off on what I had decided we were going to do with my hair. Turns out that TONI&GUY has a method to their madness, their devotion to education and consistency throughout the curriculum really goes beyond teaching. I felt it through the precision and dedication my student stylist had for my hair. So what if my salon experience might have taken a little longer than a normal visit? It was probably because I announced I was in no rush, and I then made my hairdresser use the flatiron on my foot-long hair after she had already done a blowout. To my student stylist- if you’re reading this, I'm sorry I'm not sorry. My hair looked and felt FANTASTIC when I left. This unfortunately isn't the norm in the beauty industry, so to say I was pleased is an understatement.

I’ve never seen hands on learning like it before. It really is a real-world salon experience for the students; where they can master skills and techniques all whilst developing their own client base! The devotion that TONI&GUY has for their philosophy helps build confidence and just exudes SHEAR HAPPINESS. I’m cheesy I know.

It was just such a cool experience to sit in the student stylist’s chair and keep to myself that only three hours prior, I had accepted a job offer to join the TONI&GUY corporate team as Marketing Manager. The relationships you build with this amazing program can be life changing in an ever-changing industry! Not only do the students get a chance to meet other promising artists but they have the ability to leave the program with a foundation on which they can build their career. I wonder if I can go to the academy part-time and work for TONI&GUY corporate at the same time…

Feeling the high energy in the academy and the hustle this new generation of hairdressers had, made me proud of my decision to join the family oriented culture at TONI&GUY. I mean the academy really is just like a high-end salon with an ambience like no other in the hair industry.

It’s crazy to think, you never know who’s going to sit in your chair. From the new Marketing Manager for TONI&GUY (humble brag) or a teen getting ready for the most important night of high school, their prom, the possibilities are endless. I’m curious to know some of the most influential clients students have had in their chairs before. Something tells me it’s a different world being behind the chair…