Our Fearless Leaders Visit the Dallas Campus

Last week, members of our TONI&GUY Leadership Team traveled to Dallas to take care of a little business at the TONI&GUY USA headquarters. In between their meetings, a few members of the leadership team took the time to visit the cosmetology school students at the Dallas TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy and speak about motivation, taking responsibility and self-marketing.


The members of the T&G family who dropped by included CEO Bruno Mascolo, President of Salons & Academies Division Debbie Webster, Creative Director of the Americas Zak Mascolo, Founding Director Paul Joseph Marzioli, and Vice President of Company-Owned Salons and Academies Kent Movchan. This cast of characters made for an inspiring day of advice and stories about each person’s experience in the industry and with the TONI&GUY brand.


faculty meeting

During their visit, the team also shared their own insight on the ins and outs of the hairdressing industry and the business behind it as well as how TONI&GUY got its start in the United States. They shared the story about “The White Army” that evolved into what is now “The Black Army,” transitioning from an all white dress code to serve as a canvas for clients new looks to an all black dress code that matches our “All Hairdressers Wear Black” brand personality.


“Once again, it was wonderful to hear Bruno’s inspirational vision that has inspired generations of aspiring hairdressers. To see the same message delivered after so many years shows how powerful it really is, and how important it is to stay true to yourself,” said Director of Admissions Joe Platt.


presentation for TONI&GUY

Bruno and the team also touched on the topic of social media and its importance in our industry as a powerful marketing tool for hairstylists and cosmetology school students.


“It was nice to get affirmation to approach people even in awkward situations to market yourself and hand out business cards to start building a solid clientele. Bruno said it best when he mentioned the fact that millennials were given the greatest gift of communication–social media. If TONI&GUY could build their dynasty without social media, imagine the possibilities we have available to us nowadays,” said student Brenna Meier.


gathering for TONI&GUY

Our leadership team frequently travels to our salons and academies throughout the country to visit and speak with the students and staff and show their support for the hard work of each member of the TONI&GUY family. These face-to-face experiences further strengthen the bond of our family and are important to our leadership team in order to foster a positive, successful environment in every TONI&GUY location.


“The students always feel so inspired after hearing them speak. It is a great feeling when the students get confirmation that they made the best choice in schools, and to know that TONI&GUY really is the family environment that it is known for,” said Dallas Director of Education Kevin Lentz.

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