Quick Fishtail Braid Tutorial from TONI&GUY

Winter is long gone and so are the edgy, blunt bobs that came with it. This season it’s all about letting your locks grow! You can look full of spring and totally beautiful with so many head-turning yet easy to make hairstyles.

One of the very popular ones is the fishtail braid which has been a long-standing favorite. This is because it works for all types of hair with various textures and lengths. Unlike the classic plait, a fishtail braid only requires you to take two sections of your hair and looks incredibly detailed for such a simple technique.

To start this top summer style, all you need in your hands is a hair tie and a tiny bit of pomade if you want. You should make sure that your hair is tangle free. This look works better for hair with some texture in it so the one-day unwashed hair would work best.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to secure your hair into a firm ponytail. Make sure this is not very tight as it can otherwise cause hair to break.  This ponytail can be positioned anywhere from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. For a funkier look, you can also tie your hair up in a side ponytail. After you have made a ponytail, carefully separate it into two equal sections horizontally.


  1. Next, use your finger to separate a small and thin section of your hair from the outside of the right side and cross it into the left section. Carefully tuck it under the left section and then give your hair a slight tug. This will tighten your hair and make the stranded part of the section. Now forget about the small section and move on to the next one from the opposite side. After this continue doing this for alternate sections, crossing thin and equal strands and tugging slightly to make sure the braid doesn’t loosen up.


  1. Carefully repeat these steps throughout the full length of your hair. Tug and tighten, but be sure to handle your hair with care. As you go to lower lengths of your hair, you can try and take even thinner sections if your hair thins naturally at the lower end. Make sure to leave some hair unbraided below so you can neatly secure what’s left with a ponytail. If you have any unruly hair or split ends sticking out, then take a bit of pomade and pat your hair down to keep them in place. Hairspray would not be a very advisable option here as it can make hair look stiff.


  1. Finally, after you have successfully managed to make a tight fishtail braid, you can choose to customize it. If you want some volume and thickness you can now choose to tug on the sides to give it some more width. You can also choose to tousle it up by gently rubbing the braid between your palms. If you want to go for a more relaxed look you can cut open the elastic band used at the top and add some tiny hair flowers throughout the braid for a fancy summer look. Another great idea would be to add colorful extensions in your hair before you braid it. The peek-a-boo of different colors throughout your fishtail braid will give it a very interesting effect.​


This hairstyle is truly a win-win if you love beachy waves. Keep the hairstyle as you sleep and the next morning undo the braids, spray on some conditioner and hit the beach!