Introducing the 2016 Hairdresser of the Year, Yvonne Mascolo!

Each year, the TONI&GUY family recognizes the best of the best from our salons and academies at the Photographic Awards that take place during Creative Release weekend. There are many high honors awarded to an impressive list of professional and student hairdressers, but one of the biggest and most coveted awards is that of Hairdresser of the Year. This year, that incredible honor went to Yvonne Mascolo!

Continuing the legacy of hairdressing excellence with which her family and last name have become synonymous, she proved that hard work, perseverence and passion are key elements to being a great artist. Yvonne, who is also a Regional Education Director for TONI&GUY gave us a look into how it feels and what it takes to be named Hairdresser of the Year, her experience working on the Euphoria collection and what inspires her to create exceptional work. Read on to learn more about the 2016 Hairdresser of the Year!


TG: Congratulations on your big Photographic Awards win! How does it feel to take home the Hairdresser of the Year award?

YM: Thank you! It’s an amazing accomplishment. It feels invigorating to have my work viewed on a level of talent that allows someone to be Hairdresser of the Year. It’s fantastic! I can’t stop smiling.



TG: What does this award mean to you?

YM: Personally, to me it means that my hard work paid off and that “I made it.” It actually means more than I can put in words. It has really put into perspective all the things I have experienced in my life that have made me the hairdresser I am today. It means that I have already accomplished so much but now I know that there is so much more to come.


TG: Where did you draw the inspiration for the looks you submitted to be considered for the award?

YM: This year has been the most emotional year I have ever experienced. It has been very challenging but rewarding and my images are definitely a reflection of my personal state of mind this year. I focused on black and white images because of the feelings they evoke. There is just something raw about grey scale images.

Artistically, I have always been drawn to black and white photography and I love how the visual of old school photo negatives look. Black and white photography has an emotional strength that is conveyed with strong model looks that has such a powerful appeal to me.


  fashion hair


TG: Where do you usually find your inspiration for your work?

YM: I’m a true believer that inspirations spur motivation. Inspiration is all around, everywhere and within us all. I love being inspired by breaking rules and seeing how other hairdressers break the norms of hairdressing. It’s pretty common for me to become mused with various artistic concepts and then transform pieces that reflect my own visions. There is probably nothing that hasn’t been done inside of hairdressing but no one has ever done exactly what you do.


TG: Is there anything specific that motivates you when it comes to your work and artistry?  

YM: I’m not sure that I have one specific source of motivation but I definitely believe that when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals you create the best environment to allow your creativity to flow freely and I am so honored to have been nominated with some of the best hairdressers in the industry as well as work with them on a regular basis. Self-motivation is also an important key to all artistry by taking an idea and making it come to life. I think that I am actually motivated by the idea of creative perfection. I try things over and over until I feel like I am satisfied and it’s formed into my vision. It’s really a form of trial and error; it can only get better each time.


TG: You were also involved in creating this year’s collection. What was that experience like?  

YM: Having a cut in the Euphoria collection was one of the most exciting things that has happened in my career. It was such a great experience to share with such a supportive team and an amazingly beautiful model. Each year I have participated in the collections behind the scenes so it was a huge honor to be one of the artists in the collection. It was such a cool feeling to see my work come alive when we were shooting stills and video but the thing that made it most real was seeing my name next to the breakdown in the collection book.


TONI&GUY model


TG: How did it feel being on stage for the live demos at Creative Release?

YM: OMG so thrilling! It was the first time I had done a haircut on stage from a collection and I was able to share that experience with my family. I was on stage with my two uncles, Bruno and Anthony and my two cousins, Zak and Josh so we had five Mascolos on stage! But honestly, it was totally terrifying but the good kind of terrifying–the kind that reminds you how cool your career is and keeps you excited to do it again.


 fashion contest for TONI&GUY


TG: What goals do you hope to achieve in your career moving forward?

YM: My goals are based around continuing to push myself every day to create work I can share and motivate not only myself but other hairdressers. I recently took on the position of Regional Education Director working with all of our academies to support education, so one goal is to encourage teams to be the best version of themselves possible. As a more personal goal for myself, I would like to start working in print with magazines and other publications and continue to do photoshoots to capture my work.


TG: What advice do you have for future hairdressers or hairdressers who are just starting out?

YM: Don’t be afraid to try! You may not succeed right away, but each time you become stronger and wiser and you can only learn from your mistakes. You never want to have regrets over a decision you decided not to do.

Congratulations again, Yvonne! We can't wait to see all that you continue to accomplish in your already impressive career!

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